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This is our new homepage, our menu is new and is not fully working however you can navigate most of our site. We are sorry for bombarding you with ads, but it is our way of saying we love you ;-) They support us buying prizes for competitions and events which we hope to have more of. Any suggestions email us.

Many of these games use custom 3d character models like house 3d model and 3d architecture models.

01/01/07 - Hope everyone had a Happy New Year! Its going to be a great year for us in 2007, forum wide competitions, new sections, and of course the release of Halo3. We will have to do something good for that, so reserve your copy today!

12/30/06 - We still need a date for our
competition, please post your choice. While doing that check out our forums for the new sections. Until the then I hope everyone has a happy and safe New Years, see you in 2007!!!!

12/28/06 - Forums are back up, we where updating them and a posting bug developed. So they were down so nobody would run into it. Thanks to a member, Sagran, who fixed the errors. Thanks again

12/24/06 -  If our forums go down, please don't email us about it for now. We are working on them and it may go down while we are. As of writing this it is up and running.

12/08/06 -  We are thinking of having a xbl competition, prizes available. Please post in the competition thread in the announcements, to discuss the details. As we are just starting to organize it and are looking for feedback from you guys!


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